Should You Have More Than 1 Betting Account?

Should You Have More Than 1 Betting Account?

Should you have more than 1 betting account? These accounts need to be managed closely, and most Canadian bettors generally have 1 main account with a bookmaker, the one that he or she is most comfortable with, and trusts to be their partner in sports betting.

The answer to this question is an unequivocal YES. Having more than 1 betting account gives punters flexibility and freedom, and provides them with the opportunity of taking advantage of the inevitable differences between providers. Avoiding having more than 1 account results in bettors shutting themselves away from both profit and pleasure in their wagering, and should be avoided at all costs.

Flexibility is Fostered with Multiple Betting Accounts

At the end of the day, having more than 1 betting account results in bettors getting their hands on the flexibility they need. If one bookmaker isn’t offering what is desired, whether it is something simple like spread betting, or something considered more unusual, like Norwegian League Football, it is very easy to locate a sportsbook that provides what is sought. Thanks to the internet, there is an almost infinite array of service providers these days, and there is no reason that Mr or Ms Joe or Jane Average should not be making use of the markets they most enjoy.

Freedom is Fuelled by Multiple Betting Accounts

When Canadians who enjoy betting work with one sole bookmaker, they are then limited by that bookmaker’s rules and programming. If something is lacking from the commission structure, the schedules for payment, the limits on deposits, and so on ad infinitum, too bad so sad. Multiple accounts allow for the freedom to pick and choose from an array of features until the perfect match is found. Additionally, if regulations shift and result in a provider no longer being available at short notice, bettors will still be able to take part as they please.

An Array of Additional Advantages

The benefits of having more than 1 betting account are many, and include taking full advantages for purposes of arbitrage, additional free bets being awarded, and the chance to put multiple deposit bonuses to use.

In terms of arbitrage, it boils down to a matter of odds. Different sportsbooks will provide different odds on different matches, and even the smallest of differences in these can significantly impact bettors’ profitability. Furthermore, bettors are able to hedge bets between bookmakers when multiple accounts are in use following NZ racing tips.

Opening accounts as a more experience bettor will allow that punter to take advantage more shrewdly of the various sign-up and deposit offers that he or she may not have been able to recognise when they first started getting involved in wagering online. An established punter who is adding account will know what to look out for, and will thus be able to maximise new registration offers and earn all the free bets and put deposit incentives to far better use in the markets they enjoy hazarding a guess on.

How Does Bet Hedging Work?

How Does Bet Hedging Work?

Most people have happened on the phrase “hedge your bets”, as it is a very widely known and commonly used one. It can be traced back to the 1500s, in fact, when it made reference to laying off a wager by placing a smaller bet with other bookmakers. This olden-day meaning still holds true, and hedging a bet these days can be described as not only reducing risk, but, occasionally, even guaranteeing a profit.

Hedging a Bet in Order to Secure a Profit

The concept of hedging a bet is based on laying wagers on various outcomes in order to create 1 in which profit is ensured – with the winnings minus all of the stakes laid – regardless of whether or not the original bet was successful or not.

Some Canadian punters may be familiar with arbitrage betting, also known as arbing, which relies on the online betting NZ punter finding a discrepancy, however small, between the odds which a bookmaker has given and the act of placing a series of simultaneous wagers.

Hedging bets is possible due to the fact that odds shift over time, often thanks to circumstances changing, or opinion varying, and punters taking advantage of this as it occurs.

Hedge Betting is Popular in the World of Finance

Hedge betting is a popular gambling strategy in the world of financial markets, and is done in these circles by mitigating potential loss in investment by other outlays being made. This is where the term “hedge fund” arises from.

Naturally, while losses may well be reduced by hedging bets, gains will also be lowered by this practice, thanks to the outlay on the other areas of the edge.

An Example of Hedge Betting

Hedge betting as a practice is very popular amongst pro gamblers, as they tend to seek value in a market. Outright sports markets are a good place to have a look.

As an example, should a Canadian punter lay a CA$50 on Greece to win the Euro 2004 at 40/1, he or she would be on the point of winning CA$2 000 as the team reached the finals to play Portugal.

Greece, at that point, was still largely considered outsiders to attain the top spot, and Portugal was widely expected to win –which would have left the Canadian punter with a loss of CA$50.

Hedging the bet could be done by also placing a wager that backed the Portuguese team to take the trophy. If Portugal as, say 4/5 favourites to win in this example, a bet of CA$1 000 would net a profit of CA$800. So, for a win by the Greeks, a CA$1 000 profit would be seen by the Canadian punter, and the Portuguese winning would see him or her CA$800 richer. In this example, it is vital that the Canadian bettor would have to remember to back the Portuguese team to lift the trophy, as opposed to simply winning the match in 90 minutes, since the game ending in a draw would wipe out that side of the bet.

political bets

Political Bets for New Zealand

Unlike sport where if you aren’t a fan you just don’t have to watch it, politics are unfortunately for the most part completely unavoidable, and effect our lives whether we like it or not. Sport’s betting isn’t in fact all that different from political betting as the decision making process will run a similar course: take a look at the competitors, do some research, review future odds and past handicaps, and make a decision.

While New Zealand offers a stable political environment for the most part, we are most certainly living in a very interesting age when it comes to politics on a global level, and people are more in touch with happenings around the world than even before, with the help of popular 24 hour news channels such as CNN and online news resources. This is where political bets come to the fore and has become a feature on many of the major online sportsbooks in this modern era.

Types of Political Bets

Most Kiwi punters, and the world alike, never thought they would live to see the day when a businessman most well-known for a reality TV show and gold-clad living quarters rose to the highest ranks of political office in the US, but politics can evidently often take a rather surprising turn. This is why political bets have become so popular around the world, and bets can be placed on a wide variety of events.

Most online sports betting sites divide their political wagers into country, and once a country has been selected, punters will generally have an array of bets to choose from. The most popular types of political bets always surface around major elections, and throughout the campaign process as candidates are whittled down to the last standing. Most countries who participate in democratic elections will have two major parties that are considered most likely to win, and lucrative odds are often presented on these types of wagers. While election wagers are very popular, there are also special wagers available to choose from, such as when a President will visit another country, or if it’s a particularly controversial selection, whether they will serve their full term as President.

Years Ahead of Time

One of things that make political bets so exciting is that wagers can be placed many years in advance. When a new President or Prime Minster is elected in a given year, wagers can be placed 4 years in advance as to whether they will be re-elected for another term. Of course, this can be a long time to wait to see any winnings, but there are always a wide variety of other political happenings for betting opportunities, and getting in early on the action will never count in a bettor’s disfavor.

Online Bookmakers for Political Bets

Punters in New Zealand will unfortunately at this time find that the only authorized online bookmaker doesn’t offer wagers on political events, but this may change in due course if media reports are to be believed. The betting industry in New Zealand is strictly controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs, and while there are over 600 TAB outlets across the country, there is only one authorized online bookmaker. Fortunately for Kiwi punters, many offshore bookmakers have now opened their doors to live AFL betting wagers from New Zealand, so there are plenty of opportunities to place political bets.

Online sports betting

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New Zealand?

Online sports betting is a growing global phenomenon that by some estimates, boasts a market value of upwards of 35 billion US dollars. You’ll find that a quick search on the internet brings up a multitude of online sports betting sites, each vying for your attention with many of them offering a wide range of enticing betting options, sign-up bonuses and promotions.

With so much to choose from, most New Zealand residents who are interested in setting foot into the exciting realm of online sports betting for the first time want to know whether online sports betting is legal or not.

It’s a fair enough question and the answer is quite clear. In New Zealand, the terms of the Gambling Act 2003 state that it is not illegal for someone in New Zealand to participate in gambling over the internet, provided that the website has its servers based overseas. To put it plainly, New Zealand players are not at risk of being prosecuted under the local laws if they play at online casinos or sports betting sites which are based and operated abroad.

Who Regulates The Industry In New Zealand?

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) is responsible for the control and regulation of all racing and sports betting activities in New Zealand. All sports betting services are operated under a division of the board, called the Totalisator Agency Board, commonly referred to as TAB.

The board was established in 2003 under the Racing Act to administer all wagers, from horseracing and greyhounds, to placing a bet on your favourite European soccer team or proud local rugby favourites, the All Blacks. The New Zealand Racing Board oversees a growing number of domestic and international sporting events.

What About Online Betting Sites Based In New Zealand?

With the exclusion of online sports bets made through TAB, which is a division of the industry regulatory body, New Zealand players are prohibited from placing bets at online sports betting sites that are hosted within New Zealand itself, as these sites are not licenced or regulated.

If you want to make a wager on the All Blacks for the next Rugby Championship and would like to venture further afield into the world of international online rugby betting, you best place your bet on an online sports betting site that has its servers running from outside the borders of New Zealand.

Are Winnings Exempt From Tax?

So you’ve tried your hand at online sports betting and may have already racked up some winnings- good job! Now you’re probably wondering whether the New Zealand Inland Revenue has any claim to a portion of your winnings, right?

To date, there have been no guidelines issued by the New Zealand Inland Revenue that relate specifically to winnings from online gambling. Keep in mind that international online sports betting sites and sportsbooks fall into the same category as online casinos – so the short answer is that all winnings and profits from online sports betting are not regarded as taxable income.

Online Betting

Online Betting

For many, the Internet has provided means to take part in many different pastimes that were previously unavailable, and one of the most popular of them all is online betting. Whether its on casino games or on a sports team, online betting has completely revolutionised the way people are able to gamble in the modern world. Bookmakers now have state-of-the-art websites that offer just about every sport in the world, as well as various betting options for each sport, giving bettors an unparalleled amount of choice.

This is especially beneficial to those that reside within New Zealand, as the government has set next to no limitations in regards to online betting, and as long as the bookmaker site being used does not have servers within the country, bettors are given free reign.

Online Betting Sites

In order to start taking part in online betting, bettors will first need to find the right site. There are thousands of websites available online, and it can be overwhelming to new bettors to find exactly what they need. There are a few aspects to keep in mind before picking out a site to sign up for. The first is choice. Bookie sites that offer a wide range of different sports are usually more appealing, as it gives bettors the chance to not only bet on the initial sport that they wanted, but to test out other betting opportunities with other sports.

Next is security. Security is vitally important to anyone wanting to transfer real money online, and choosing a site with the right security credentials is highly recommended. Sites that have the right SSL encryption certificates are a must, as this ensures that all personal and financial information is locked behind secure encryptions. Looking out for sites that are monitored by regulatory agencies is also important, as this ensures that the site is not engaging in any legal activity. Lastly, sites that have the proper gambling licenses obtained from the correct jurisdictions means that the site must adhere to the online betting rules and regulations of that region.

Customer service is another important aspect to consider. Should the bettor encounter any problems, a site offering solid customer service can allow any issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Online Betting Banking Methods

When making any withdrawals or deposits, it is important to consider the type of banking method that will be used. Most reputable bookmaker sites will have a wide selection of banking methods, which can range from debit and credit cards, direct bank transfers, pay cards, e-wallets, and more.

The recommended form of banking for bettors is an e-wallet, as this tends to be the most efficient way to transfer money online from one account to another. E-wallets are also usually free of any extra fees, and will never take more than twenty four hours to complete a transaction.

Online Betting In Conclusion

With the right information, New Zealand bettors can quickly locate and sign up for a reputable bookmaker site that offers the types of online betting that will provide the bettor with a secure and convenient environment.


NZ Betting

NZ Betting

There is a treasure trove of NZ betting websites for punters to sink their teeth into these days. If it has odds, then chances are that you will find more than your fair share of online betting destinations willing take your wager.

But need not be a sports lover to enjoy the action online as there are plenty of casino styled games to keep you entertained as well. The sheer volume of game types shows how greatly the NZ betting market has grown in recent years.

Traditional Sports

Punters that fancy a flutter down at the race track will find plenty of traditional brick and mortar styled bookies around, but even more are available online betting portals and mobile apps these days. As things stand at present, punters need not even leave the comfort of their own homes to get in on the horseracing action.

Similarly, fans of boxing will find their own niche online resources with both tips and betting options. Some of the savvy NZ betting websites are even offering live streaming of the event that punters have just bet on.

This offers a real time experience that easily replicates the original horse racing adventure on your mobile device or PC at home.

Online Casino Games

As with most forms of entertainment in today’s society we find that much of the action has moved online. Entire casino catalogues can be found online allowing for almost limitless permutations of classic games such as slot and poker machines on the NZ betting scene.

Gone are the days of boring linear static symbols and win lines only moving in a straight line, these have been replaced by more modern interfaces and a more interactive game style. This is also complimented by interactive game types with many of them having mini skill games that come up as bonuses.

Card games such as poker and blackjack are also great choices when looking for some online action. Played in real-time with other human players, the exhilaration of receiving that winning hand is just as palpable as when punters are sitting at the table in a casino.

Motor Sports

Some fantastic motor racing divisions exist in NZ. NZ Super Trucks, NZ Porsche are just two of the exciting event types that are hosted nationally. Because of the growing popularity of motor racing over the years locally there now exist many convenient NZ betting providers that are standing by waiting for your bet.

The article would be remiss if it were to neglect the racing powerhouse that is F1. This is a well followed race format globally and is really popular in NZ presently. Some prodigious F1 drivers hail from NZ and the formidable McLaren F1 team was formed by NZ F1 driver turned owner Bruce McLaren.

Horse Racing

No list of betting resources would be complete without mentioning horse racing. In NZ horseracing enjoys a long history and rich heritage dating back many years. Due to this we find that NZ horse racing events are generally very well supported.

This means that winner’s purses are usually highly coveted and this results in some fantastic betting odds for punters.

NRL Betting

NRL Betting

NRL betting has seen some major growth over the years. This can be attributed to many factors with the two most important probably being the rise in popularity of internet betting and the steady improvement in the depth and quality of the athletes on the field.

With greater viewership and sponsors entering the scene we have seen exponential growth in NRL betting opportunities. This has done a lot for punters and has created some great betting opportunities for locals and international punters alike.

All a bettor has to do these days is log onto the betting app of their choice and the upcoming fixtures will all be available for viewing and consideration.

NRL Club Venues

Not all teams have their own stadiums with venues like the ANZ Stadium in Sydney hosting the Cantebury-Bankstown Bulldogs, the South Sydney Rabbitohs as well as the West Tigers. This stadium also usually hosts the NRL Grand final as it has ample seating with a capacity of 84000 spectators and is also endowed with world class facilities.

Additionally it also covers quite a cross section of other sports hosting duties such as Rugby Union, Association football, Australian rules football, cricket and it even has a few  motorsporting bets under its belt.

With world class facilities such as this one taking care of the hosting duties it is easy to see why NRL betting has such a great cross section of punters.

Tons Of Action

From the first kick off at the beginning of the season right up until the final blow of the whistle at the end of the season there is nothing but non-stop action on the NRL betting itinerary. Actioned packed match ups followed by hard hitting rugby mayhem are the order of the day.

But on the field is where the fun only starts. Punters get to experience the dual enjoyment of experiencing the pure sporting event as well as all the excitement of having a wager on the line for that critical match.

Fantastic odds await for those with a bet on their mind, punters have so many avenues to explore in the realm of online betting. Hundreds of websites and applications are accessible via mobile device and available for punters on the move, convenience and functionality meet up to produce a seamless  betting opportunity.

The Calendar

The pre-season kicks off early in the year with some smaller match ups to whet the appetite of punters and sports fans alike and then leads into the mail NRL fixtures. These culminate towards the end of the year with the final matches being played by the strongest teams forging their way through.

NRL betting is a fantastic way to put some wagers in on these highly entertaining matches. With such great spectator and punter value it is hard to go wrong with this premier sporting competition as your choice of betting entertainment.

Check with your favourite online provider and see what is in store for you this season, you wont be disappointed!

Harness Racing

Understanding Harness Racing

Harness racing, otherwise known as trotting or pacing, is an equine sport whereby a horse pulls a carriage otherwise known as a sulky. Harness racing is popular around the world with many people betting on it every year. In total harness racing worldwide is not quite as popular as thoroughbred racing, although it is gaining popularity with punters and spectators.

Harness racing is much more accessible than thoroughbred racing, both for trainings and drivers. Harness racing accounts for a large percentage of money taken by bookmakers annually, falling Just behind thoroughbred racing.

Betting On a Harness Race

Wagering on a harness race can be done at the track and via an online betting site. Harness racing is a fast paced sport attracting almost as many punters as thoroughbred racing. Most races are entered by local horses and local trainers, with only a few hosting interstate horses for particular races such as the Jewel Cup.

Betting at the track is offered by on site bookies that are there on most days. The smaller races, of course, may not have a full contingent of bookies on site or a large variation in either wagers or odds.

Harness Betting Online

There are a number of sites that offer harness betting online. Most of these sites can offer fixed odds, which may vary from site to site. Is a good idea to shop around a bit in order to find a site that suits you the best. Another benefit of placing a wager on harness racing online is the other services that the sites offer you. These services include such things as histories and previous race results of the competing horses, as well as pedigrees and even information on trainers.

Common Wagers

As with thoroughbred racing, there are a number of common wagers, which one can place on a harness race. The most obvious is a win. This is a wager as to which horse will cross the finish line first. It is the most simple of the horse racing bets and is often used by beginners to the world of harness racing as well as online betting. The second most common type of bet on a harness race is a place. This is a bet as to whether your horse will come in first or second. This is a more expensive bet to make as the chances of being successful are higher than a regular win bet. This means that the payout on a place is also lower than the payout on a win.

More complicated bets include an exacter, where you place a bet on two horses which must come in first in the exact order in which predicted. An exacter box is similar, but in this case your horses must come in first or second in any order. The payout for an exacter box is slightly less than an exacter, as again the odds of getting it right are higher

Knowledge Is Key

As with any sport, having a good knowledge of the athletes is key to placing a successful wager. Galloping in a harness race may get your horse and driver disqualified if it is not corrected very quickly. Race results can easily be found online, most of which note if the horse broke gait at any stage during the race.

Greyhound Racing

All About Greyhound Racing

The Greyhound made its debut for the first time in England during the 16th century and was known as the sport of queens.  America imported Greyhounds in late 1800s and Greyhound racing as it is today started in 1912 after Owen Smith invented a mechanical lure which started racing around a circular track.  In 1919 the first track opened.

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to consider when placing bets on Greyhound racing.  Looking for a sports book with good betting odds will make the wager more profitable.  The odds may differ and bettors should look out for a sports book offering competitive odds.  The betting unit is important, that is, how much a bettor will budget for Greyhound racing.  It has been advised that bettors use a betting unit of between 1 and 2% of the bankroll.

Choosing dogs that have a track record of finishing in the top 3 is usually a good indicator of a possible winner.  Dogs that have raced recently is also a good indicator and bettors should keep up to date with dogs that have not participated recently or may have sustained an injury. Weather conditions of the track will impact a wager.  Heavier dogs tend to have a better race in wet conditions than lighter dogs.   When wagering on Greyhound racing bettors should observe a dog’s behaviour before the race, a more energetic dog is favoured over a dog in low spirits.

How to Choose a Sports Book

Choosing a good greyhound racing betting site is also an important consideration when betting on Greyhound racing.  The site should be legitimate and have a license.  Sportsbetting sites that provide all of their details are usually the ones to go with.  Bettors should also look at the payout time of these sites as some book makers have long waiting periods and should not be trusted.  A diversity of races, events and bets is also important as well as a site that offers good promotions and a welcome bonus for first time bettors.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing may seem overwhelming at first, but once bettors understand how it works this will be to their advantage.  The types of bets can be found on the betting form and these include show, win, place, quniella, etc.  The Greyhounds that will race will be listed and if the symbol “*” appears next to the dog it means the dog is imported.  Each dog has a grade starting at AA and then A,B,C and D.  Each time a dog completes a race it gets graded.  If a dog happens to finish 4th place or lower the grade will drop.

The betting form will also include the race record and lists the past positions of the dog.  These helpful items will enable a bettor to make an informed decision.  Other factors that can affect the wager are the track condition and these will also be listed for example W (wet), S (slow or muddy) and F (fast). The dog’s starting position is also on the sheet and each dog will have a number which corresponds to their position.  Other information that is included is the sex, weight, age, colour and the trainer of the dog.  Previous race odds are also found on the sheet and the number of dogs taking part in that particular race.

Placing wagers on Greyhound racing has become a popular sport in different parts of the world and requires good knowledge of the sport.  This knowledge will be helpful when making informed wagers.

Chinese New Year

Start Fresh With Chinese New Year Slot

Play N Go software has released a great online slot title called Chinese New Year. The theme as the title suggests is the Chinese spring festival celebrated at the start of the New Year.

This slot not only features a set of unique, themed reel symbols, but two bonus games. Players can either trigger a free spins bonus game or they can trigger a great looking fireworks display that awards cash prizes.

Chinese New Year is a 5 reel slot with 15 paylines. Each payline can be activated with a single coin starting at 0.01. The line wager can be raised to a maximum of 1.25 per line.

The Tiger wild symbol offers the biggest in game jackpot of 5000x your line wager, while the standard symbols and the fireworks bonus game can pay out up to 150x your line wager.

The Animal Symbols

The Chinese New Year reel symbols consist only of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. You will see the Horse, the Goat, the Rooster, The Dog and a Pig. There are no standard playing card symbols, only the smiling animal faces. This gives the reels a great look while you are playing.

All the Chinese New Year animal symbols follow standard slot rules. Line up 3 or more matching symbols and a prize is yours, as long as the symbols are on an active payline.

The horse and goat symbols pay maximum jackpots of 150x your line wager and the rooster, dog and pig symbol can pay up to 100x.

The Unique Bonus Feature

The Chinese New Year free spins bonus game is a multi part feature with some great visuals. The monkey symbols act as bonus trigger symbols. They only show up on reels 1, 3 and 5. Land 3 in view and you will start the bonus game.

The Chinese New Year scatter monkey will appear on screen and light a wheel of fireworks that feature all the reel symbols. It will spin around and where it lands will determine which of the symbols will act like a scatter symbol during the free spins round.

This means that the particular symbol will pay out prizes as long as 3 or more appear on screen, they won’t need to be lined up on a payline.

After the additional scatter symbol is determined, the monkey will award you with a random number of free spins. In Chinese New Year slot the free spins cannot be re-triggered during the bonus round.

The Chinese Fireworks Round

The second Chinese New Year bonus game also features fireworks. The key to playing this bonus round is the dragon symbols. They also act like scatter symbols so 3 on screen is all you need to start this second bonus game.

When this feature starts, you are greeted with a lakeside seat with 5 firework rockets setup on the shore.

You can pick any one of these rockets and it will shoot off into the sky and give you a nice display as well as a cash prize. If you pick a rocket that doesn’t fire off successfully, the bonus round will end.

The Gamble Feature

Chinese New Year allows players to use a real money pokies online Gamble option. This lets you play an additional game of chance to add a 2x or 4x multiplier to any standard win in the game.