How Does Bet Hedging Work?

Most people have happened on the phrase “hedge your bets”, as it is a very widely known and commonly used one. It can be traced back to the 1500s, in fact, when it made reference to laying off a wager by placing a smaller bet with other bookmakers.

This olden-day meaning still holds true, and hedging a bet these days can be described as not only reducing risk, but, occasionally, even guaranteeing a profit. Continue reading “How Does Bet Hedging Work?”

Political Bets for New Zealand

Unlike sport where if you aren’t a fan you just don’t have to watch it, politics are unfortunately for the most part completely unavoidable, and effect our lives whether we like it or not.

Sport’s betting isn’t in fact all that different from political betting as the decision making process will run a similar course: take a look at the competitors, do some research, review future odds and past handicaps, and make a decision. Continue reading “Political Bets for New Zealand”

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New Zealand?

Online sports betting is a growing global phenomenon that by some estimates, boasts a market value of upwards of 35 billion US dollars.

You’ll find that a quick search on the internet brings up a multitude of online sports betting sites, each vying for your attention with many of them offering a wide range of enticing betting options, sign-up bonuses and promotions. Continue reading “Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New Zealand?”

NZ Betting

There is a treasure trove of NZ betting websites for punters to sink their teeth into these days. If it has odds, then chances are that you will find more than your fair share of online betting destinations willing take your wager.

But need not be a sports lover to enjoy the action online as there are plenty of casino styled games to keep you entertained as well. The sheer volume of game types shows how greatly the NZ betting market has grown in recent years. Continue reading “NZ Betting”

NRL Betting

NRL betting has seen some major growth over the years. This can be attributed to many factors with the two most important probably being the rise in popularity of internet betting and the steady improvement in the depth and quality of the athletes on the field.

With greater viewership and sponsors entering the scene we have seen exponential growth in NRL betting opportunities. This has done a lot for punters and has created some great betting opportunities for locals and international punters alike. Continue reading “NRL Betting”

Understanding Harness Racing

Harness racing, otherwise known as trotting or pacing, is an equine sport whereby a horse pulls a carriage otherwise known as a sulky. Harness racing is popular around the world with many people betting on it every year.

In total harness racing worldwide is not quite as popular as thoroughbred racing, although it is gaining popularity with punters and spectators. Continue reading “Understanding Harness Racing”

Start Fresh With Chinese New Year Slot

Play N Go software has released a great online slot title called Chinese New Year. The theme as the title suggests is the Chinese spring festival celebrated at the start of the New Year.

This slot not only features a set of unique, themed reel symbols, but two bonus games. Players can either trigger a free spins bonus game or they can trigger a great looking fireworks display that awards cash prizes. Continue reading “Start Fresh With Chinese New Year Slot”