Blackjack for Beginners

The roots of Blackjack are believed to be in a game called Ving et Un, meaning Twenty-One in French, and it is often called Twenty-One as well. It first gained popularity among European nobility in the 700s, and today is enjoyed in online casinos across Australia and the rest of the world. To start your own adventures with 21 read through the guidelines on offer and maximise your chances of a winning hand.

The Basics of Blackjack

For the sophisticated players of today, the blend of strategy and chance that the game offers is really appealing, with simple rules that give rise to several different and complex outcomes. The cards that are dealt are totally random and determined by chance, while the decisions you need to make must be strategically shrewd from the start.

To begin each round players are dealt two cards, as is the dealer representing the house. The number cards all carry their face value, the Royal cards all have a value of ten and the Ace cards have a value of eleven or one. The objective of the game is to get a hand total that is twenty-one or as near to that as possible, without exceeding it. You need to place bets on the strength of your hand.

Once everyone has seen their cards, they may draw more to improve their hand total if they wish to. Dealers must draw until their total is at least seventeen. When every player has drawn what they want to and is standing, all hands are revealed. If your hand total is higher than the dealer’s but under twenty-one you win the round, while if it is lower you lose. The house wins when you and the dealer both have hands exceeding twenty-one, and if you tie with the dealer below twenty-one you are able to keep your bet. The hand that everyone hopes for is a Natural Blackjack or Twenty-One, with a Face and an Ace card. With a 3:2 return, it’s the most rewarding hand in the game for no download Blackjack online.

Strategy Refinements

As you play Twenty-One more and get more familiar with it, you’ll get to know its intricacies more and feel more comfortable with them, and your own playing style will evolve. This is natural and should be encouraged, but proceed with caution – deviating from your chosen plan can really decrease your winning odds dramatically.

Since the hand you are dealt and the dealer’s visible face card are all you have to work with, you should base your decisions on these. With just this information, the odds of every situation can be worked out, and tables that show all of this are easily found online to help you make more astute decisions. You can also count cards, but this requires a lot of practice to be used successfully and you should probably first try this in the no-deposit free game mode that most Australian casinos offer. There are several other resources and guidelines online to help you refine your tactics, so spend some time investigating and discovering these – it’s a great investment that will help you win more.

Keep Playing and Developing

The more Blackjack you play, the more insight and appreciation you will have for the game, and the more you will win. The sooner you start this lifetime journey, the sooner you will reap the rewards.