1429 Uncharted Seas

1429 Uncharted Seas Online Slots Overview

1429 Uncharted Seas is an online video slot from Thunderkick and features 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines.  This online slot takes place on the high seas during the era when people believed the oceans were filled with mythical creatures and many legends of the deep were told and passed down through the generations.  Uncharted 1429 is set in a ship’s cabin and the reels are filled with strange looking sea creatures.

The reels are set against an ancient map and in each corner of the map there is an angel blowing across the seas.  When there is a win on the reels the symbols will animate and the sounds of the high seas can be heard in the background.


The 1429 Uncharted Seas symbols are made up of scary looking sea creatures and a mermaid as well as the moon, sun and star symbols.  The mermaid is the highest paying symbol followed by the sea creatures and then the star, moon and sun symbols that make up the lower value symbols.

Expanding Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is a sailing ship and will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will substitute for all of the symbols except the bonus symbol.  The 1429 Uncharted Seas wild symbol is an expanding wild and when this symbol expands it does so quite impressively with a sea monster arising out of the depths of the ocean.  The wild symbol will only expand if it forms part of a winning combination.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The compass is the bonus symbol and the free spins bonus round will be triggered when 3 or more of these symbols land on the reels.  For 3 bonus symbols players will receive 10 free spins, for 4 bonus symbols players will receive 20 free spins and for 5 bonus symbols players will receive 50 free spins.  If the compass appears during the free spins bonus round players will receive 5 more free spins and up to a maximum of 50 free spins.  If players receive 50 free spins when 5 compasses land on the reels and more compasses appear players will not receive any more free spins.

Game Settings

This mobile no download pokies game settings look a little different to the usual slot games.  In the bottom left corner players can click on the waffle button that will bring up the rules of the game and the paytable.  The speaker to the right is to turn the sound on and off.  The round disc with the number 1 on it is to select how much to bet.  By clicking on it a menu will come up with various bets to choose from.

Next to the bet button is the autoplay which will bring up the autoplay menu where players can choose how many uninterrupted spins to spin.  The spin button is to the right of the autoplay and will spin the reels one spin at a time.

1429 Uncharted Seas is an adventure slot featuring mythical sea creatures and the chance to win free spins during the bonus round.


Online Football Betting is an Easy Process

Punters looking to bet on football games by means of the World Wide Web will find the process a very user-friendly one: the vast majority of online bookmakers make a number of different markets available. Generally a bet-limit of 1000 in whatever the punter’s currency is will be instituted, but there are sportsbooks that offer higher wagers, with limits as high as 100 000 or 100 000 000 not being unheard of.

American football is by far the most watched, and bet on, sport in that country, and its popularity is increasing with punters from different parts of the world thanks to this fact. There are a number of special events that occur throughout the game’s season that allow punters to take part more regularly, but the most commonly wagered on games are those that take place during the Super Bowl.

This is the biggest event in the world in terms of American football, and millions of fans turn out, both at the games themselves and at bookmakers’ sites. Punters enjoy an excellent array of markets for these games, including the score; the winning team; and even which team will win the coin-toss. Some of the most popular bets are the spread; straight-up; and over/under, but more exotic types are available as well.

Exotic Bet Markets for Online Football Betting

A popular exotic bet when it comes to football markets is that of teasers, and these can be divided into two groups: standard teasers, and sweetheart, or monster, teasers.

Standard Teaser Bets in Football Wagers

A standard teaser football wager can involve anything from two to more than 15 teams, and is a combination wager, in which each individual bet has to win in order for the punter to collect his or her money. Pushes will be handled differently from one bookmaker to the next: some will grade them a loss and others will reduce, or remove, that tie from the wager. Some bookmakers even offer both options for punters to take advantage of.

A teaser wager allows punters to add extra points to their spread: if he or she likes a team -10, and another one also at -10, bets can be placed on both teams at -3 instead –although both wagers will need to win or the bet will lose. These options range wildly from sportsbook to sportsbook and will depend on which, and how many, teams are involved. Line-shopping plays a very important part in teaser wagers and punters must be sure to remember to read and understand every aspect of the rules in place in order to establish whether pushes reduce or push the wager entire.

Sweetheart Teaser Wagers in Football Bets

Sweetheart football teaser bets are special ones, designed by bookmakers to entice players hoping to make an easy profit. These bets pay out big time when they are successful, but punters would do well to think them over very carefully, and consider all the relevant information before rushing in to place them. Sweetheart teasers allow punters to gain an additional 10+ on each of their spreads.


eSports Betting versus Lounge Betting Online

Informal sites that allow for eSports betting, like the CS:GO Lounge, are very popular options for online gamers interested in betting to make use of. While there is nothing wrong with choosing to make use of sites like these, there is a far greater advantage to punters choosing to bet at an established bookmaker offering this kind of access instead.

The problem with informal markets is that they are just that –unofficial, and punters very often have no idea of who is operating the site, or what kind of fairness they can expect from it. Punters making use of these types of sites for their eSports wagering are also often not provided with any kind of recourse should something go wrong, and may well find themselves out of pocket due to unscrupulous operators if they are unlucky.

There is also the problem of punters turning eSports in-game items into cash: players are not always interested in betting in-game items as a method of generating a cash return, but, those who do wish to do so often run into issues when they try to turn them into cash, since this can often become a tricky; time-consuming; dangerous endeavour.

Punters who move their eSports wagering over to mainstream bookmakers deal with these kinds of concerns in one fell swoop: they will be interacting with heavily-licensed and stringently-regulated operators, often in the form of publicly-traded companies, and this provides for a level of transparency that is just not possible otherwise. Also, thanks to the fact that punters will be dealing solely in cash, there is no problem regarding the volatility of prices, and the hassle of selling in-game items is also avoided completely.

Opening Bonuses at Online Bookmakers Offering eSports Access

Every gambling promotion will have terms and conditions attached to it, fondly known as the fine print, and, although these terms are often minor, they are always significant. It is vital that punters read and ensure they understand these, and are advised to contact operators if they are unclear about any aspect of these at any point in time.

The two most common conditions that opening bonuses share at bookmakers offering eSports access are:

  1. Expiration dates

Many eSports bookmaker bonuses are only available for a limited period of time, and may further need to be earned within a predetermined time period.

  1. Playthrough requirements

Many bonuses require that the punter wager an amount relative to the bonus offer before the bonus can be put to use or withdrawn.

The Popularity of Deposit Bonuses at eSports Bookmakers

Deposit bonuses are the main opening bonus model that online bookmakers make use of. The manner in which these typically work is that the bookmaker extends the punter a certain amount of cash, with the amount of this money generally linked to the amount the punter is depositing into his or her account. As the punter then makes real-money eSports betting wagers on the site, the bonus money is shifted into a real cash format that can be bet and then withdrawn.

Star Trek

Star Trek Sci-Fi-Themed Slot by IGT

Trekkies who love a good gamble will be thrilled to discover that Interactive Gaming Technology has created an online video slot inspired by the iconic Star Trek sci-fi film and television series franchise. Specifically, the five-reel, 30-line IGT Star Trek slot is based on the 2009 movie of the same name, staring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nemoy as Spock.

All aboard the Starship Enterprise

One of the primary attractions of the Star Trek slot is, obviously, its sci-fi blockbuster theme. Star Trek fans, affectionately known as Trekkies, are famous for their almost fanatical devotion to this sci-fi story in all its incarnations.

Star Trek symbols include all the major characters from the JJ Abrams film, including Captain Kirk, Dr Spock, Scotty as played by Simon Pegg, and Uhura as played by Zoe Saldana. The less interesting icons alongside the Star Trek characters are the usual high-value playing card symbols, suitably stylised to go with the sci-fi theme.

Star Trek Coins, Jackpots and Paylines

The minimum wager on the Star Trek slot is 0.01 credits per line, making it a nice low-risk option for inexperienced players. However, players prepared to take a little more risk can wager up to 10.00 credits per line for a shot at the 250 000 credit jackpot.

The payout ratio on the Star Trek slot is somewhere between 92.49% and 94.99%.

Wilds and Scatters on the Star Trek Slot

The Star Trek wild symbol is the Star Trek logo and, as with all wilds, it has the ability to stand in for all other symbols, except the bonus scatter, to complete winning payline combinations. Additionally, the Star Trek wild often appears stacked, which further increases the likelihood of a winning combination appearing.

Meanwhile, players should also keep an eye out for the Star Trek bonus scatter symbol, which is blue and contains the word “BONUS”. Bonus symbols do not always look the same, however, and may feature different members of the Star Trek crew. This scatter triggers the various Star Trek bonus rounds, which is where the biggest wins in the slot are up for grabs.

Star Trek Special Bonus Rounds

There are several Star Trek bonus rounds – each with several free spins – and these are all triggered with the help of the bonus scatter symbol. Which Star Trek bonus round is triggered depends on which Star Trek crew member appears on the scatter symbol.

  • Kirk’s Bonus

Kirk’s Bonus Round is triggered by the appearance of two or more scatters – one of which includes the image of Captain Kirk – on the reels. Star Trek players are then awarded six free spins with a 3x multiplier. Players may trigger up to 250 more free spins during this Star Trek bonus round.

  • Spock’s Bonus

Spock’s Bonus Round is activated when three scatters – one of which includes the image of Dr Spock – land on the reels. During the following free spins, the wild appears more frequently than usual.

  • Uhura’s Bonus

This Star Trek Bonus Round is triggered when the image of Uhura appears on one of three bonus scatters simultaneously on the reels. Free spins are then awarded, during which extra wild and scatter symbols and wins are increased.

  • Scotty’s Bonus

Scotty’s Bonus is activated by the appearance of Scotty on one of the three scatter symbols landing on the reels simultaneously. Star Trek players then receive up to 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier.

Vera & John Welcomes Bally

Vera & John Welcomes Bally Technologies

For the last few years Vera & John online casino has grown from strength to strength in terms of popularity and their online casino game offerings. They now offer over 600 online casino games to players from all over the world, coupled with a wide range of bonuses and promotions.

Their gaming partners to date have included big well known software developers and as of recently now include a few games from Bally Technology too.

About Vera & John, and Bally Technologies

The Vera & John online casino has been around for a good couple years, founded in 2010. They pride themselves in offering a user friendly platform for online casino players to enjoy their favourite online casino games at.

Bally Technologies was founded as far back as 1968 and is well known for its land-based casino games and machines. They have since jumped on the band wagon and have released a wide variety of online casino games too. They were in fact one of the first software developers to release an online slot machine game and are considered to be one of the biggest leaders in the online casino arena.

The Vera & John welcomes Bally Technology as their partner, an industry leader, to present their games to their client base too and both parties were more than happy to do so. It was a win win situation with great credits from both sides.

Vera & John Welcomes Bally Casino Games

The Vera & John online casino offer over 600 online casino games some of which include over 350 online classic and video slot machine games, various table games i.e. poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette, and instant cash games i.e. scratch cards.

Part of their offering now includes a wide range of games from Bally Technologies. The popular Bally games included are Hot Shot, Quick Hit Platinum, Big Vegas and loads more already instated with a few more to come.

All of their games, including Bally games will be available on mobile as well, and can easily be downloaded via apps and mobile software.

Vera & John and Bally Technology Bonuses

There is a wide range of bonuses and promotions available at Vera & John online casino, and that includes a few directly linked to some Bally Technology games.

The general offering stands at first deposit bonuses for new players, deposit bonuses, bonus cups, spin credits as well as a few free spin bonuses.

Almost all bonus rewards can be used on any of Vera & John’s online casino games including those of Bally. There is also a loyalty program in place where the more you visit the site and play certain games the more you will be rewarded. Some games, including Bally games, can reward you even more with free spins and casino credits just for playing the game. These specific bonuses are communicated via their newsletter or can also be displayed loudly and proudly on their website which of course also helps draw in more loyal players.

Brilliant Fruits Slots games

Spin Brilliant Fruits Slots Games Online

There’s a reason why there are still thousands of brilliant fruits slots games in land-based casinos worldwide and even online. Fruit machines are what made casino slots what they are today and, for many die-hard traditionalists, there simply is not substitute for the original.

Anyone unsure of a fruit machine is should think of a casino floor and imagine the first thing that comes to mind – brilliant fruits slots games. Originally confined to just three reels fruit machines now also come in the five-reel format and their hallmark feature is the medley of fruits – cherries, watermelons, plums, lemons, oranges – included in their symbols. These brilliant fruits slots games also feature red “7” symbols, gold bars and bells and are generally fairly simple to play.

Here’s a little bit of information about a few of the most brilliant fruits slots games currently available online:

Jackpot 6000 by Net Entertainment

Jackpot 6000 is one of those truly brilliant fruits slots games online that even preserves the traditional three-reel format. The reels are set in a Vegas-style console that chimes and lights up like a pinball machine as the reels spin and winning combinations are landed. Parts of the casino – complete with plush red carpet, pressed ceilings, chandeliers, abstract paintings, and fake fern plants – can also be seen in the background.

It is among a handful of brilliant fruits slots games with only five paylines and a max bet of one coin – of between 0.10 and 1.00 credits – per line for a top jackpot of 6 000 coins. Although the game remains quite traditional, some modern touches include the gamble feature and super-meter jackpot feature.

Retro Reels by Microgaming

As far as brilliant fruits slots games go, Retro Reels by Microgaming is undoubtedly one of the best. This five-reel 20-payline slot takes players back to 1940s Las Vegas – the golden age of brilliant fruits slots games.

With a top jackpot of 10 000 coins, Retro Reels has fruit symbols galore in this simple yet visually engaging slot. Microgaming has thrown in one or two subtle modern touches in the form of free spins, a 2x multiplier, and a “re-spin” button. The game doesn’t even have a wild symbol.

Players who enjoy Retro Reels will be pleased to learn that it is one of a series of brilliant fruits slots games, including Retro Reels: Extreme Heat and Retro Reels: Diamond Glitz.

Ring the Bells by Play ‘N Go

Whilst Ring the Bells is certainly Play ‘N Go’s homage to the brilliant fruits slots games of old, it’s a lot more modern than many other slots in this category. It is a five-reel, eight-payline slot with an enviable 97.03% average return to player.

In addition to a tasty selection of fruit symbols, gold bars, 7s and, of course, bells, Ring the Bells features a Bell Mode free spins bonus, Gold Bar cash prize bonus, and a hefty progressive jackpot.

Other Brilliant Fruits Slots Games

There are simply too many brilliant fruits slots games now available online to list them all but these are some of the most popular at slots – available in most online casinos – in this category at the moment:

  • Beetle Frenzy
  • Super Fast Hot Hot
  • Fruit Slots
  • Crazy Reels
  • Diamond Wild

Blackjack Single Deck High Limit

Blackjack Single Deck High Limit Online Casino Game

Although Blackjack Single Deck High Limit boasts the lowest house edge and highest payout ratio of all Net Entertainment casino table games, it should not be mistaken for a shortcut to easy wins.

Rather, Blackjack Single Deck High Limit is a strong bet for seasoned players with experience at predicting how the cards will fall. Its single deck, high payout ratio, relatively low house edge, and higher betting limits combine for a game ideal for experienced players who don’t mind taking a little more risk for a shot at potentially much bigger wins.

The Advantages of a Single Deck

Many people erroneously believe that Blackjack is a game of pure chance. In reality, Blackjack is an event-dependent game that players can become better at by playing more often and honing their strategy.

The term “event dependent” refers to the fact that each card dealt in the game has a bearing on which card will be dealt next – an attribute that makes the game predictable to a certain degree. In other words, once the Queen of Hearts has been dealt, it cannot come up again because there is only one Queen of Hearts per deck. However, this is only the case if just a single standard deck is in play. Although Blackjack remains event dependent even when multiple decks are used, the number of variables increases – i.e. there is more than one Queen of Heart card in play – making it much more difficult to predict outcomes.

This is the primary appeal of Blackjack Single Deck High Limit and is the reason for its low house edge and high payout ratio.

Single Deck House Edge and Payout Ration

As mentioned, the predictability that comes with using only a single deck of cards has the effect of decreasing the house edge and increasing the payout ratio for Blackjack Single Deck High Limit.

The house edge is the natural advantage that the casino has over players in any casino game so, the lower it is, the better a player’s chances are of winning. It follows that a game’s payout ratio is inversely proportionate to its house edge – the lower the house edge, the higher the payout ratio.

In Blackjack Single Deck High Limit games, the house edge and payout ratio stand at an appealing 0.17% and 99.83% respectively.

However, it must be remembered that these percentages interact with the high-stakes element of Blackjack Single Deck High Limit.

The Risks and Rewards of High-Limit Blackjack

Before players dive in to take advantage of the relatively greater predictability and attractive house edge and payout ratio of Blackjack Single Deck High Limit, they would be wise to take note of the extent of the risk involved.

Like any other high-limit Blackjack variant, Blackjack Single Deck High Limit required players to put more money on the line than they would with standard or low betting limits. Betting in Blackjack Single Deck High Limit starts at 25.00 credits and can go as high as 500.00 credits. To put this into perspective, consider that the betting range in low-limit Blackjack stays in the low region of between 0.01 and 5.00 credits.

The potential losses that come with such high stakes are just as large as the potential wins. Although the low house edge means that such wins are likelier in Blackjack Single Deck High Limit than in most other versions of the game, this is strongly influenced by player’s skill and experience levels.

Betting Structures

What are Poker Betting Structures?

Not only are there different types of poker – Hold’Em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and so forth – each with its own rules, there are also different betting structures that can be applied. Whilst the type of poker in play determines the rules of the game itself, the betting structure lays out the parameters for wagers and raises.

Betting structures are vital elements of the game since poker is essentially a game of betting. Betting structures serve to reduce confusion, speed up or slow down play, and increase security, among other things. They also add to the overall thrill of the game and make poker adaptable to the risk preferences and budgets of all players.

Types of Poker Betting Structures

  • Fixed-Limit Betting Structures

In poker games with fixed-limit betting structures, wagers are set at a fixed amount and players have only two options – bet or don’t bet. These are sometimes referred to simply as limit betting structures

  • Spread-Limit Betting Structures

Spread-limit betting structures allow players to wager an amount within a certain range or spread. Spread poker games are generally described in terms of their range, from small to big; for example, a 3-10 spread. There is usually a minimum buy-in with spread betting structures, whereas maximum buy-ins are rare.

  • Pot-Limit Betting Structures

Although pot-limit betting structures can get fairly complex to work out, the gist of it is that players may wager any amount up to the size of the pot. Additionally, players may not wager less than a set minimum with pot-limit betting structures – often abbreviated as PL games.

  • No-Limit Betting Structures

Finally, no-limit betting structures, as their name suggests, allow players to wager any amount they choose between a set minimum and however much money they already have on the table.

Additional Casino-Specific Limitations

In addition to these recognised betting structures, each casino has the prerogative to impose its own additional betting rules. Sometimes, these rules – such as limiting the number of raises allowed in a game – are imposed in order to improve the game play. At other times, casinos may have to impose additional rules – such as capping the total bet amount, irrespective of raises – in order to comply with the relevant local or online gambling laws.

In any event, regardless of the betting structures in place, players unable to place the minimum wager or raise stipulated because they do not have enough chips have the option to go “all in” in table stakes games. This means players betting the remainder of their stake instead of simply folding. This allows players to keep their cards for the rest of the deal, although they are no longer eligible to win any more than the amount of their wagers.

Choosing the Best Betting Structures

Poker betting structures operate independently of which variant is in play. However, some variant-structure combinations simply work better than others.

For example, although Texas Hold-Em games generally have no-limit or fixed-limit betting structures, the reason this variant is so popular is that is works well with all betting structures. Omaha, meanwhile, is well-suited to fixed-limit as well as pot-limit betting structures whilst 7-Card Stud works best with a fixed limit. For spread-limit betting structures, Lowball is a good choice.


Moon Games Casino – The top-rated online Casino by Cassava

Moon Games is a well-established online casino with a distinctive Science Fiction theme. Established in 2013, the casino is owned and operated by Cassava Enterprises Ltd. The casino itself is licenced in Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and the UK Gambling Commission. The currencies accepted at the casino include British Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

When players log onto the website for the first time, they will be greeted with bright and colourful graphics, smooth animation blended with a stylish and easy-to-use web interface. The quirky science fiction theme gives the site a light-hearted quality creating an enjoyable environment for players to get started. Form the main page, players can view the latest video slot games, with single click access to banking, bonuses and instant games.

Moon Games Casino Software

Moon Games is an instant play casino. This means that players can access the casino and play real money games from any web browser on any computer anywhere in the world. The casino software and all of the instant online games are powered by some of the biggest casino software providers in the business. Backed by NetEnt, IGT, Cassava, Dragonfish and WMS, the casino offers a wide variety of games to suit just about every enthusiast. The casino also offers a comprehensive mobile casino app where players can play the latest video slot games on all major tablets, smartphones and mobile devices.

Instant Play Online Casino Games

When it comes to games, Moon Games Casino has over 130 high quality instant online games on offer. In slots alone, the casino offers a wide range of classic slot games, video slot games as well as progressive slot games. In addition to their range of slots, the casino also offers a number of classic table and card games including roulette, blackjack, poker baccarat, craps and keno. Not only that, the casino also offers a range of live casino games, scratch card games and instant win games. All of the games available at the casino can be played for free or for real money at any time.

Secure Banking Options

For those players who do want to play for real money, the casino offers a comprehensive range of safe and secure banking methods. Players can fund their account quickly and easily by bank transfer, by credit card, by debit card or by using any of the casinos accredited web-wallet payment facilities. At Moon Games casino, security is of utmost importance. The casino uses state of the art 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure that all online transactions remain secure at all times.

Promotions and Casino Bonuses

Players who sign up with Moon Games and play for real money will automatically be eligible for all of the casinos current bonuses and promotions. Players who make their first casino deposit will be rewarded with an instant cash match bonus. For all of their loyal and VIP members, the casino offers ongoing weekly and monthly promotions and reward. If players run into any problems on at the casino, the customer care department is open 24/7 and can be contacted by email or by telephone.

betsKing Casino

Instant Play at betsKING Casino

First established in 2008, betsKING Casino is one of several online casino websites owned and operated by Malta-based virtual services company Gantor International Ltd. The group specialises in instant-play games with no download required, and after a rapid registration process players at betsKING Casino can play immediately on any desktop or tablet device, or via smart phone.

The mobile casino is also download-free, and compatible with both Android-enabled and Apple devices. betsKING Casino is licensed by both the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and the Gambling Commission of the UK. The site uses software developed by Amaya (Chartwell), B3W Group, GGL Global Gaming, Igaming2go, Leander Games, Microgaming, NetEnt and NextGen Gaming.

Slots Selection via Several Filters

To navigate around the more than 80 Slots options on offer at betsKING Casino, players can search using several category filters: Most Popular, New Games, Classic Slots, 3D Slots or Progressive Jackpot Slots, with further refinements possible using criteria like themes and number of pay lines. The titles available range from simple one-line three-reelers like Super Seven, to games with 20 or more pay lines and a number of bonus features within the game; for example, Jungle Jimmy, or Numbers. Themes range all over; there are themes based on history, mythology, fantasy, fairy tales, sports and music, among others.

Video Poker, Table, Live and Lottery Games

There are five Video Poker titles available at betsKING Casino: Jacks or Better, 10s or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild 10 and Double Joker Poker. However, all of these also offer players several options on the number of hands they can play per spin; from a single hand, to 1 to 10, 1 to 50 and 1 to 100 hands.

The site hosts five Table games: Baccarat, Roulette, La Boule, Blackjack and Blackjack European. betsKING Casino also offers live dealers/croupiers for Live Table games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. The site hosts 16 Lottery games as well; well-known ones like Keno, Super 24 and Double Bingo, as well as quirky exotics like Mosquitoes and Treasure Hunt.

Restrictions, Currency and Language

As with most online gambling opportunities, legal access to betsKing Casino is regulated according to the laws of each local jurisdiction. Players need to check the online gambling laws in their jurisdiction of residence before they register to play at betsKING Casino, as there are some countries that do not allow access to this site; for example, the USA. The site operates in Euros only, but offers service in English, German and Turkish. Live Chat support is available online from 8am to midnight CET, and players can also use email and expect a reply within 24 hours; or access the online web forum to request a call back at any time.

Banking Options and Security

Players can deposit in their accounts using a large variety of banking options, including Bank Wire Transfer, EcoPayz, Instabet, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and Visa. They can make withdrawals via Bank Wire Transfer, Eco Payz, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash or Visa. High-tech security measures and advanced 128-bit SSL encryption help to ensure that players’ personal information and money remains secure, and software platforms like NetEnt and Microgaming have a reassuring reputation for fair play in their games.