Should You Have More Than 1 Betting Account?

Should you have more than 1 betting account? These accounts need to be managed closely, and most Canadian bettors generally have 1 main account with a bookmaker, the one that he or she is most comfortable with, and trusts to be their partner in sports betting.

The answer to this question is an unequivocal YES. Having more than 1 betting account gives punters flexibility and freedom, and provides them with the opportunity of taking advantage of the inevitable differences between providers. Avoiding having more than 1 account results in bettors shutting themselves away from both profit and pleasure in their wagering, and should be avoided at all costs.

Flexibility is Fostered with Multiple Betting Accounts

At the end of the day, having more than 1 betting account results in bettors getting their hands on the flexibility they need. If one bookmaker isn’t offering what is desired, whether it is something simple like spread betting, or something considered more unusual, like Norwegian League Football, it is very easy to locate a sportsbook that provides what is sought. Thanks to the internet, there is an almost infinite array of service providers these days, and there is no reason that Mr or Ms Joe or Jane Average should not be making use of the markets they most enjoy.

Freedom is Fuelled by Multiple Betting Accounts

When Canadians who enjoy betting work with one sole bookmaker, they are then limited by that bookmaker’s rules and programming. If something is lacking from the commission structure, the schedules for payment, the limits on deposits, and so on ad infinitum, too bad so sad. Multiple accounts allow for the freedom to pick and choose from an array of features until the perfect match is found. Additionally, if regulations shift and result in a provider no longer being available at short notice, bettors will still be able to take part as they please.

An Array of Additional Advantages

The benefits of having more than 1 betting account are many, and include taking full advantages for purposes of arbitrage, additional free bets being awarded, and the chance to put multiple deposit bonuses to use.

In terms of arbitrage, it boils down to a matter of odds. Different sportsbooks will provide different odds on different matches, and even the smallest of differences in these can significantly impact bettors’ profitability. Furthermore, bettors are able to hedge bets between bookmakers when multiple accounts are in use following NZ racing tips.

Opening accounts as a more experience bettor will allow that punter to take advantage more shrewdly of the various sign-up and deposit offers that he or she may not have been able to recognise when they first started getting involved in wagering online. An established punter who is adding account will know what to look out for, and will thus be able to maximise new registration offers and earn all the free bets and put deposit incentives to far better use in the markets they enjoy hazarding a guess on.